Our international team provide advice to a diverse range of clients. Our client portfolio includes sole traders, small and medium sized businesses, high net worth individuals, trusts, partnerships, large corporates and listed companies.

We provide a cost effective, client led approach to both tax advisory and compliance work. Our services range from routine tax compliance work to high end innovative tax planning solutions, covering all tax heads.

Our innovative work on advising incoming employees of tax benefits (SARP) and outgoing employees of foreign earnings deduction (FED) advice is popular among ex-pats.

We advise on issues such as tax residence, ordinary residence, domicile, the remittance basis of tax, stock options and the tax aspects of fringe benefits.

If you are considering locating in Ireland we can provide a dedicated assistant to help assist with set up, recruitment, relocation and professional advice.

With our network of partners throughout Europe, we can also provide a one stop shop for international tax advice.

Our tax services include:

  • business tax
  • personal tax
  • VAT
  • customs duty
  • international tax
  • relevant contract tax; and
  • revenue audits and investigations.


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